Audio Post Supervision Consulting
ADR & Voice-Over Recording
Source-Connect Pro
Sound Design
Foley + M&E
Dialogue Editing
Ambience and Sound Effects Editing
Re-recording Mixing and Editing
5.1 + 7.1 + Encoding
Trailer Mixing + TASA Certification
Mastering for Film, TV, Radio, DCP, Web, Podcasts and Social


Post Supervision Consulting
Digital Lab & Dailies, One-light and transcode
UHD / HD / 2K / 4K / 8K
Native support for RED, ARRI, Varicam, Phantom
Color Grading with SCRATCH
DI / Online Finishing
VFX / Compositing / Rotoscoping
Offline Editorial
Deliverables for Film, TV, Web, Podcasts and Social
DCP Authoring, Encryption and Review
Trailer Mastering + Deliverables
Standards Conversion with Teranex


Tell us about your project and we can tailor a bid to fit the length, scope and budget.