Produced by QCODE Media. When a blind teenager named Clementine (Rory Anne Dahl) suddenly loses her father, her world is completely upended — powers she didn’t know she had start to manifest and take the form of her secret friend, Shadow (Emily Hampshire, Schitt’s Creek). Moving to a new school, she struggles to hide her abilities from her friends – and band mates – as they fight to make the town a better place. Little does she know, her powers have triggered the attention of The Institute, a sinister organization who will stop at nothing to have her in their grasp. Created in Partnership with XAmbassadors.

Stuck On On handled the sound design which included all sound effects, choreographing and blocking the characters’ lives and action, and creating hyper-surreal drama coupled with rich, textural environments. Shadow’s voice and mannerisms were super fun to develop with Sam the director.


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