We jokingly say we were the 13th year of a 12 year film. We even did a panel at SXSW about it with Oscar-nominated editor Sandra Adair, First Assistant Editor Mike Saenz, and Post Supervisor Laura Yates.

The DI was a unique, collaborative puzzle since there has never been a film done like this before in the history of cinema. It was shot by two different DPs, different film stocks, processed at different labs and edited on practically every version of FCP and AVID with different frame rates. Shot over the course of 12 years, we were able to establish a continuity that made the film look as seamless as the storytelling. It was a once in a lifetime experience at every stage.

DI Producer: Allison Turrell
DI Editor: Parke Gregg
Colorist: Parke Gregg
Digital Compositor: Parke Gregg
Final Deliverables for Lab: Stuck On On


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