Formed in 2007, we stumped our colleagues by touting a tapeless digital workflow, combining music composition with re-recording mixing and offering audio and visual post under one roof. We were one of the first post houses in Austin to transcode RED ONE footage and make DCPs. We foleyed an entire critically acclaimed, award-winning movie that played Cannes using miscellaneous objects procured from our property’s woodshed, and junk stored in our closets.

We are resourceful and nimble. We love color and sound. We are creatives and nerds and strategists. We think outside of the box and our tools are expansive and constantly evolving. We are experienced and we’ve been training for this our whole lives. And no, that doesn’t make us jaded or cynical; on the contrary, it makes us curious and inspired and realistic. We experiment, we practice, we research, we analyze and we find creative and efficient solutions to keep your project on schedule, on budget and within scope. We listen, we ask questions and we pay attention to the details. We’re proactive.

Post production is a moving target. Not unlike fashion, one day your codec is in and one day it is out. Our hardware, software, workflows and team adapt to stay ahead of the curveball. We aim to exceed your expectations and hopefully, we blow your mind. We believe in your story. We are stuck on on.


Tell us about your project and we can tailor a bid to fit the length, scope and budget.